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Go Green Energy—Save Green Dollars

Solar energy is the way of the future. No longer do you pay more to be green. Instead, when you go green, you save green. To compete in business, you will need the benefits of solar.

  • If you own your building, solar will immediately reduce your energy costs by 30-40%, and in ten years, your energy will be free
  • If you are a landlord, solar will monetize your roof, usually by $2.00 per foot or more
  • If you are a school, county, or city, solar will reduce taxpayer energy costs by 20-40% and provide the positive feedback from residents and constituents

Plus, your energy is green and renewable. Your array will:

  • Eliminate the need to mine coal or pump fossil fuels
  • Eliminate the need to transport coal or fossil fuels
  • Eliminate the need to burn coal or fossil fuels

A few facts

  • Minnesota is one of the best states in the country for solar energy
  • Solar panels carry a 25 year warranty (and most panels from 40 years ago are still producing)
  • No roof penetrations—arrays are ballasted
  • Seamless integration with the grid means that there is never an interruption in energy

As experts in commercial scale solar development, we custom-design every installation to meet your unique needs. Considerations include:

  • Electrical needs
  • Type of roof
  • Financing structures
  • Savings vs. income
  • Existing rooftop equipment
  • Grid connections
  • Resilience and possible battery needs

After we meet with you, visit your site, and review your plans, we prepare a detailed, customized proposal for your consideration. It comes complete with proposed equipment, financing options, financial proformas, tax benefits, and engineering considerations. We leave no stone unturned. If for some reason your building isn’t suited to rooftop solar, we’ll present you with other options, as well.

  • Most customers save 30-40% on their electricity starting immediately, and in ten years, their electricity becomes an income stream
  • Some start with 50-60% savings and achieve a 2-3 year payback
  • Most customer achieve these results with no cash investment up front

Sundial is the leading developer in Minnesota. From technical engineering to financial problem solving, we have the answers that can work for you.

Ways to profit from solar

Lease your roof

If you own a large rooftop of 80,000 square feet or more, one option is to lease your roof to a third party to develop solar. All the energy will be sold back to Xcel, and you will receive a lease payment. This is the simplest way to do solar, even if it offers you the smallest rewards.

Build solar and use the energy yourself

If you own your own business and building, you can build a solar array on your roof and use the energy in your business. Get started with no money invested, and you can immediately reduce you net electricity cost by 30-40%. Cash purchase paybacks can be 3-5 years.

Build solar and sell energy to your tenants

If you have tenants, you can build solar on the roof and sell the energy to your tenants. Most landlords can build supplemental revenue streams of $.60 to $1.40 per square foot in this manner.

Save by buying energy from a third party solar investor

Forget owning the array yourself. Let someone else build it on your roof, and you just buy the energy from them. Savings are anywhere from 14% for small churches to 40% for large schools.

Other options

Sundial has many other options for building owners, including lease buyouts, tax equity partners, pre-paid power purchase agreements, and more. We can also help business tenants with long term leases work with owners to mutual benefit.