Do we get enough sun in Minnesota for solar?

Yes. Minnesota gets more annual sunshine than Germany, the world leader in solar.

Is Minnesota too cold for solar?

No. Solar panels are more productive in cooler temperatures.

Will we have energy when the sun isn’t shining? 

Yes. Your system will be tied to the grid to ensure uninterrupted power at all times. 

Will snow cover render my solar panels useless? 

No. Snow melts quickly off panels and excess summer production can be banked for winter usage.

Will a solar installation damage my roof?  

No. In fact, solar panels it will protect it from storms.

Do solar panels need to be cleaned?   

No. Rain and snow clean dust and dirt off solar panels.

Will storms ruin the solar panels?    

No. Solar panels are engineered to withstand ½” size hail direct hit at 90mph and straight-lined 150+mph wind.

Solar seems to be expensive. What if we don’t have CapEx spending available?

Not a problem. We offer no capital investment methods to get into solar and start saving today. 

Isn’t the payback on solar too long? What if there isn’t enough ROI?

Payback on a solar installation averages 4-6 years with 13-16% ROI.  

Will Minnesota’s PV credit go away soon?

No. Minnesota’s PV Credit was made a permanent part of the Xcel rate tariff in October 2019.

What if we’re moving in the next 10 years?

Solar increases your building’s value. But state law prohibits auditors from increasing your taxable value due to solar.  

What if solar technology changes?

It might, but the value will never get better. Tax policy, utility incentives, and innovative financing combine to make this the best time to get solar. 

Do I need batteries?

No. Your solar installation will be grid-tied so you will not need batteries. 

How will I know my system is working?

Sundial’s 24/7 monitoring and rapid response team ensures your system is achieving maximum performance.