A few facts on commercial solar

What you should know about commercial solar in Minnesota:

  • Most save 60-80% on electricity with solar and the average payback period is 5 years
  • Minnesota is one of the best states in the country for solar energy
  • Solar panels carry a 25 year production warranty, and most panels from 40+ years ago are still producing significant energy
  • No roof penetrations—arrays are ballasted
  • Seamless integration with the grid means that there’s never an interruption in energy
  • 40-60% of the installation cost is paid back through tax benefits within the first 12-18 months of operation

Schedule 15 minutes with one of our commercial solar experts to see what making a switch to solar could mean for your business.

As experts in commercial scale solar development, we custom-design every installation to meet your unique needs.

Considerations include:

  • Electricity usage
  • Roof type and age
  • Financing structures
  • Existing rooftop equipment
  • Grid connections and capacity

After we meet with you and visit your site, we prepare a detailed, customized proposal for your consideration. It comes complete with proposed equipment, financing options, financial proformas, tax benefits, and engineering considerations. We leave no stone unturned. If for some reason your building isn’t suited to rooftop solar, we’ll present you with other options as well.

  • Most customers save 60-80% on their annual electricity costs starting immediately, and in 10 years, their electricity becomes an income stream
  • With ample financing options, customers can achieve these results with no up-front cash investment

Interested in how solar will improve your bottom line? Our team will help you understand:

  • How to earn a 26% tax credit on your investment
  • How utility incentives turn your electric expense into an income stream
  • Financing options from all cash to no money down
  • How to get a 5 year payback on a 30 year investment
  • A sample proforma for a solar investment

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Sundial is the pre-eminent commercial solar developer for large-scale rooftops in Minnesota. Founded in 1999, Sundial is the longest standing solar developer in the State, providing turn-key commercial solar solutions including development, installation, and service. We are helping clients like Wagner SprayTech, the YMCAs of the Twin Cities, and Hopkins School District join the green revolution. Our team takes a consultative approach to solar, leveraging our decades of experience to provide clarity and confidence to our clients. We have paved the way for the solar industry in Minnesota since our inception and continue to be at the forefront of solar innovation.