Meet with us to learn how to cut your energy overhead by 60-80% this year.

Sundial Energy specializes in commercial and industrial solar installations – that means when we’re talking solar for business we get the numbers right and provide accurate up-front estimates.

  • Financial solutions for all businesses
  • Innovation awards for complex and creative installations
  • Minnesota-owned and operated
  • 20+ years experience 
  • 300+ commercial installations across Minnesota including the largest rooftop array in the state
  • 62,000+ tons of carbon dioxide emissions offset
  • Monitoring and 24×7 rapid-response

“We talk with a lot of people who think solar from 10 years ago is solar today — they’re surprised by their savings and how much it can mean for their bottom line.”

-Chris Grunseth, Sundial Energy Sales

Let us run the numbers for your business to calculate how much you can save on energy costs in 2021.