Categories: Municipal/School

Royalton City Hall

Location: Royalton, MN

System Size: 8Kw

It was not so long ago that solar energy was in the Dark Ages in Minnesota. It took the guts and determination of a few solar pioneers to make the leap of faith required to install solar on their property. One of those pioneers was the City of Royalton, a small municipality northwest of the …

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The Webber Pool, Minneapolis MN

Webber Park Pool

Location: Minneapolis, MN

System Size: 4.5Kw

The Webber pool is the first public pool in North America that does not use chemicals to keep its water clean. Instead, water is pumped from the pool through a system of biological filters and into an adjacent regeneration basin. In the regeneration basin, layers of gravel and approximately 7,000 aquatic plants help cleanse the …

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